My fiancee nearly got roped into Quixtar this past summer

The man who continued to pester him about the company gave him loans vidoes to watch, a discussed the revolution it would have on the way people shop online. It wasn’t until we did some brief web searching that we found out it was actually part of ALLWAY! He didn’t disclose this information AT ALL. (Although, the poinently irrelevant tapes should have given it away– what make a tape of the luxuries you WOULD have if you joined this company, but not explain HOW one earns their money?) We snickered at the whole “ALLWAYa” bit, and dropped it.
However, I started selling AVON later that summer, and I have a question. How is AVON not VBS? There are a lot of happy Avon reps out there, including myself, but what SPECIFICALLY sets it apart from being an VBS? No matter what, I can’t seem to find any information that dscusses AVON abusing its direct selling power. Any thoughts? Thanks!

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