I didn’t think

I would be doing story time this soon after joing VBC Surivor Club. But paine_wwweb_r has forced me.

The reason that I got out of ALLWAY was because of control, free speech, and the hippocracy that negates the two. ALLWAY IBOs (At least on the Bill Britt side) always tout your distributorship as being YOUR business. “I don’t work for ALLWAY, I work for myself. It’s MY business. MY distributorship.” However, when it came to running MY business, the upline pretty much told me how to run it or else I should get out.

As far as free speech goes, you could pretty much count that right out. I had to talk a certain way, “live my life like Jesus,” I wasn’t allowed to say anything bad about ALLWAY or the business, and most importantly I couldn’t tell the truth.

It is my right as an American, as stated in the first amendment of the constitution, to say what I want when I want it, paine_wwweb_r. I have not used obscene language here on the board, so I feel that I’m in the right calling ALLWAY people Nazis.

paine_wwweb_r , having you tell me to watch what I say just furthers my hatred of anything ALLWAY. You may not be a part of ALLWAY anymore, but the tendencies to muzzle free speech must still be ingrained in your head. I am sorry if you are offended by what I said, but if you would like to discuss the issue more, I’d be happy to instant message you any time this evening.

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