Hi, This is sister of jedeter

He isn’t as faithful a computer junkie as I am. To answer your question, yes it was the reason for the breakup. My brother got a once-in-a-lifetime buyout from his company and instead of paying down the mortgage and so forth, she “followed her dream”.

IMO, his estimate is WAY too low as to much money she threw away on ALLWAY.
By a factor of 3, as in it is only 1/3 of what she wasted. And that was ONLY ALLWAY, not the other VBS’s she was into.

After her spending all this, he put it to her “either ALLWAY or me”. She said she would think about it. Later, she said “How dare you deny me my dream.” But SHE didn’t earn the money that was wasted. Her body didn’t take a beating from 14 hr/7 day work weeks. He did. And he has the chronic illnesses to prove it.

IMO, she robbed him of at least 10-15 years of his life. It will be at least that long before he can rebuild to where he was. To say nothing of the heartache of missing his daughter so much. Not only that, the daughter is neglected a lot because “Mommy talks on the phone all the time.” And her age makes it especially pernicious. At a time when the only question in her life should be h

ow much love am I going to get today, she is learning that “Mommy’s dream” is more important to her than her own daughter is.

We love the little girl, but since my brother was left in so much debt from the ex’s ALLWAY involvement, he has to work all the time now, too. I have begged him to file for bankruptcy. While mostly those laws are abused, they were written for innocent victims like him. But he wants his daughter to continue living in the same house. (Her parents and her son are making her part of the mortgage(s) payments.)

I have told him I was writing all this.

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  1. ALLWAY does have a 6 month money back guarantee. QQstar is ALLWAY on the internet(???). I am sure they have a similar money back policy. Even if you have used up parts of the starter kit, you can return the containers and still get the full refund. Ruth has been in ALLWAY long enough to guide you through the refund process. Do check with her (if she hasn’t already answered). Hope this helps.

    I sure am happy that you did your due diligence before getting into an VBC headlong. It is best to be safe than sorry. All the best.

    Igotsmart (but you sure turned out smarter – it took me a few months to come around to the facts)

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